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Other Services

Small Ensemble Recording - Let me record your small group in my studio.              

Remote Recording - I can come to you with my traveling rig!

Cassette & Vinyl to CD conversion / Duplication - Let me convert your old records or cassettes to CDs - "Preserving people's memories."

VHS Tape to DVD conversion - Let me convert your old videos to a more modern format.

Editing & Mixing
- Do you have a bunch of tracks that need to be put together?

Audio Cleanup - I can take files with static and make them clearer.

Digital photo and video editing - Facility in Final Cut Pro, Photo Shop & Hype.

Keyboard Lessons and Music Theory Instruction - Have you always wanted to play for your own enjoyment?

Proofreading - it's amazing how many spelling and grammatical errors I see on web pages and professional documents!