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Voice Agenting

Let me connect you to a great, professional voice talent that will take direction, get the copy right, and not waste your time.  Do you have a script with a lot of medical or technical terms?  I know people who read these all the time.


Here's how it works:

1.     Send me a description of the kind of voice you need.  Be as explicit as possible.  Include:

a.     Gender

b.     Age

c.     Type of voice

d.     Description of character

e.     Type of read - straight, commercial, audio book, character, etc.

                f.     Any other details that will help narrow down the character.

2.     Send me a short audition script.

3.     I will obtain and screen auditions and send them you.

4.     You tell me which Talent you want to hire and we arrange the recording date, location and terms.